How To Stop Emails From Reddit | Easy Steps

How To Stop Emails From Reddit

If you’re looking for a way of how to stop emails from Reddit, then this blog post is for you!

Reddit is a great social news and entertainment website, bringing people together from all over the world. Reddit users submit content in links or text, and other members can upvote their favorite submissions while downvoting those they don’t like.

This democratic voting system allows for many cool things such as “/r/science,” where people can post real scientific studies, or “/r/askscience,” where users looking for answers can ask questions and get them answered.

How To Stop Emails From Reddit

Unfortunately, Reddit is plagued with spammers trying to promote their websites. Every day you will see posts directing you to visit some new diet website that promises weight loss without the need to exercise or give up your favorite snacks.

I got sick of seeing these posts, and after some googling, I found that many other people were annoyed by the same thing. So here’s the method of how to stop emails from Reddit.

Steps For How To Stop Emails From Reddit With Filters In Gmail

The basic idea is to create a filter that deletes messages from specific email addresses or domains. So please follow the steps below.

1) Log in to your Gmail account and go to “settings” (on the right sidebar, you should see it). Then click on the “filters” tab:

2) After clicking on that, a box should appear where we can create our filter.

3) As the first step of creating a new filter, we need to choose the message “from” field. Click on “more options“:

4) On this page, specify the sender’s email address and click on the “create new filter with this search” button:

5) As we want to stop these emails without actually reading them, we now need to specify the action performed when a message matches our filter. We want Gmail to automatically delete messages from “” (or replace with any other domain/address you don’t like). The best way to do this is to select the “forward it to” field and then click on the “choose anyone” link:

6) On this page, choose “+add people” (bottom right corner):

7) On the next page, type your email address in the text box which appears. You can add more than one email address if you want to stop spam from more than one address.

8) Make sure that the “send copy to yourself” checkbox is checked and click on “create filter.” You should see a notification informing you that your new filter will be active within a few minutes.

If you want to test if it’s working, try sending an email from [email protected], and check your inbox in a few minutes. You should see that the message has been automatically filtered and moved to the trash folder:

9) Now it’s time to make our filter more specific; we want it to stop only messages which come from and not all spam. To do this, click on the “more options” field again:

10) On the next page, add a word to the “Doesn’t Contain” field. In our example, we will add the domain name itself (e.g., ““), but you can also add other stuff you think may appear in the email’s subject line or some dummy text to make sure your filter doesn’t miss anything.

11) After you are done, click on “create filter” again. Now, if you try sending an email from [email protected], you will see that it gets deleted without even entering your inbox 🙂

These are all the steps you need to follow. If you have any questions about “how to stop emails from Reddit” , feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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