How To Pronounce Teeth: Best Way

It’s the same as the word “teat” – both start with a T and both have 4 letters. It doesn’t matter if you pronounce it /ˈtiːt/ or /ˈtiːts/, they’re both considered correct, but I think most people would agree that “teats” is more commonly used.

To make matters even more confusing, the name of the letter T is actually called “te” in its language of origin, Latin. It can get complicated when you learn that there are multiple alphabets in which English may be written using different characters to represent some sounds. However, in most cases it’s not necessary for non-linguists to worry about these distinctions.

So how do you remember how to say teeth? Just think of the word “teats” and it will help you remember that the T is pronounced like a T. And if all else fails, just sound it out! /ˈtiːts/ is a good way to start.

How To Pronounce Teeth?

Researchers looked at how English speakers from different parts of the world pronounce the word and found that those from the UK and Australia were more likely to say ‘t-e-e-th’ while those from North America tended to say ‘s-e-a-th.’ So which is correct? Turns out, both are – but only if you’re talking about one specific type of tooth. Here’s how to pronounce teeth like a pro.

One way is pronounced as t-ehth, which rhymes with meat. The other pronunciation is t-eeth, which has no rhyme or reason for it’s spelling.

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